Speech & Language Problems

We can help your child with their speech and language problems.

Child First Speech Pathologists are all members of Speech Pathology Australia and excel at providing quality programs.

There are a wide range of speech and language problems children experience including:

  • Articulation
  • Stuttering
  • Delayed Speech and Language Development
  • Understanding what is being said to them (Receptive Language)
  • Putting words together (Expressive Language)
  • Pre reading skills (Phonological Awareness)
  • Voice Disorders
  • Public Speaking
  • Social Communication Skills

Your child’s Speech Pathologist will use a variety of standardised assessments to diagnose your child’s problems.  These assessments include:

  • Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundaments –  Pre School (CELF Pre School)
  • Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundaments  4 (CELF 4)
  • Pre School Language Scales (PLS)
  • Caroline Bowen Articulation Screener
  • Nuffield Dyspraxia Assessment
  • Renfrew Action Picture Test (RAPT)
  • Test of Problem Solving (TOP)

Following the assessment, the results will be discussed with you and a written report prepared if required.  A treatment plan will be developed and your child’s progress will be monitored at every appointment.

Home activities will be provided to maximise your child’s progress.  Our Speech Pathologists work hard to make these fun and engaging for both you and your child.

Augmented Communication Devices

In conjunction with our Occupational Therapists, the Speech Pathology team is able to assist children who require technology to communicate. We work with children using low and high tech communication aids including Boardmaker; Switches; Choose It Maker and IPads.