Women’s Health Physio for Mums

New Mums – Pregnancy and Beyond

Having a new baby is a wonderful, demanding and overwhelming time. It is easy to neglect your pelvic floor at the time when it needs your help the most.

Did you know you are at risk of ongoing incontinence if you have:
  • a baby over 4kg
  • a forceps or vacuum delivery
  • a third or fourth degree muscle tear
  • incontinence during your pregnancy
When should you see a physio?
  • if you are not sure if you are doing your pelvic floor exercises properly
  • if you are leaking urine by your six week check up
  • if you leak urine when you cough, sneeze or lift your baby
  • if you are returning to high impact aerobics or sport
  • if sex is painful due to scars caused by tearing or episiotomy during birth
A Physiotherapist can also give you precise one on one feedback to get the most out of your post baby Pilates or Yoga class.