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Saebo – Functional Dynamic Orthoses

The Saebo Arm Training Program is a specialised treatment approach designed to maximise your child’s arm and hand function. The Saebo orthotics are specially designed to treat neurological weakness and hand dysfunction occurring as a result of central nervous injuries such as stroke, traumatic brain injury or Cerebral Palsy.
For those children with a non-functional hand, it’s the only program available that allows patients to incorporate their involved hand for grasp and release activities. The orthoses enables your child to use what muscle activity they have to pick up and release different objects.
Saebo’s Functional Dynamic Neurological Orthoses allows children with very little arm and hand movement to immediately begin performing highly repetitive grasp and release activities.
Click on the link to see a video of Ian who is a 13 year old boy working on advanced reaching with grasp and release skills using the SaeboFlex.

The orthotic is designed to be used as a tool in therapy and relies on frequent practice at home. The aim is to improve arm and hand function without the orthotic through improved strength, control and coordination.

Click on the link of Ian without the SaeboFlex demonstrating functional improvement with eating using his affected hand.

The custom orthoses can be fitted on children aged six and above depending on their size. Contact us to see if your child is appropriate for this exciting treatment option. Child First Therapy is the only private provider in New South Wales who is trained to work with the Saebo dynamic orthoses.
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Video’s are courtesy of The Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital, California, USA and are available on YouTube.

The Millennium Health Club

The Millennium Health Club has been established in Waitara for 15 years and aims to provide a complete approach to health, fitness and rehabilitation. Services on offer include group exercise and personal training for children. Ask your physiotherapist for more details.

Child First Pediatric Therapy and Millennium Health Club have developed a special relationship to ensure your child gets the best out of exercising in the gym environment. Our Physiotherapists and Personal Trainers will work collaboratively to design a safe and effective program. We communicate regularly so your child’s program remains current and any problems are quickly resolved.

The Lifetime Care and Support Authority

At Child First Therapy we have a strong relationship with Lifetime Care and Support Authority.

The Lifetime Care and Support Authority administers the Lifetime Care and Support Scheme, which provides treatment, rehabilitation and care for people severely injured in motor accidents in NSW, regardless of who was at fault in the accident.

Through this scheme we are able to provide a range of services to children who are Lifetime Care participants within their home, school and community environment. Our highly experienced Speech Pathologists, Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists communicate regularly with your case manager to achieve the goals set out in your child’s plan.