Wheelchair Assessment & Prescription

Wheelchair Assessment & Prescription

Wheelchair Assessment & Prescription
We assist children

We assist children who may require wheelchair assessment and prescription.

Specialised Equipment includes

Specialised equipment includes assessment, prescription and trialing of the wheelchair to best suit your child’s needs. Additional equipment such as pressure cushions, support and transferring equipment may also be used.

Tracking your child’s progress

Tracking progress helps you and your child remain motivated to find the wheelchair to best suit your child’s mobility needs. Standardised and non-standardised assessments as well as observations and conversations with you and your child are used to determine the most suited wheelchair and additional prescriptive equipment to suit your child’s needs.

Your child’s program

Wheelchair assessments are conducted to:
– Improve your child’s mobility independence
– Enable community access
– Improve internal mobility and social interaction.
Assessment and prescription may include:
– Measurements taken for seat depth and width.
– Education provided for correct positioning while seated.
– Features of specific wheelchairs and legal requirements for safe travel of wheelchairs in vehicles.

The Team

Our highly experienced occupational therapists will work with you, your child as well as seating and wheelchair providers to ensure a suitable wheelchair is prescribed for your child’s needs.