Visual Perceptual Programs

Visual Perceptual Programs

Visual Perceptual Programs
We assist children

• Who find it difficult to find items in busy environments
• Who experience difficulty discriminating between slight differences in items (e.g. square and a rectangle)
• Who find it difficult to complete puzzles
• Who find it hard to spell and decode words
• Who experience difficulties with their visual memory
• Who read at a very slow pace

Specialised Equipment includes

• Various visual perceptual games to improve your child’s visual perceptual skills

• Integrating visual perceptual games into the broader scope of therapy (e.g. participating in visual perceptual games while completing a gross motor task)

Tracking your child’s progress

Tracking progress helps you and your child remain motivated. Standardised assessments include assessing your child’s visual perceptual and visual motor integration skills on a regular basis.

Your child’s program

Your child’s program will vary dependant on the stage of their development; all sessions will be fun and engaging and aim to develop your child’s visual perceptual skills so that they can generalise their strengths in various activities. Sessions will aim to improve their:
• Visual discrimination
• Visual memory
• Visual spatial-relationships
• Visual form-constancy
• Visual figure-ground
• Visual sequential memory
• Visual closure
• Visual tracking and scanning
• Visual vigilance and fixation
• Visual modulation and
• Working memory skills

The Team

Our highly experienced occupational therapy and speech pathologists will work together and individually to create a visual perceptual program to meet your child’s needs and to meet their goals

February 15, 2015