Suit therapy

Suit therapy

Little girl using therasuit and spider cage

Therasuit and FUN Frame makes for a fun combination

TheraTogs can be worn throughout the day

What is suit therapy?

Suit therapy is particularly suitable for children with cerebral palsy, brain injury, and other neurological disorders resulting in low and fluctuating tone. At Child First Therapy we offer a range of suits including:

  • TheraSuit®
  • TheraTogs
  • Second Skin
  • DMO – Dynamic Movement Orthotic
  • Strapes
  • SPIO – Stabilising Pressure Input Orthosis

Child First occupational therapists and physiotherapists have been highly trained in the use of these suits and how they can be used alongside other therapy intervention to achieve accelerated results for your child. A combination we find works well is Suit Therapy in conjunction with the FUN Frame, also known as spider cage. Further information about the suits we offer is provided below.

What is the TheraSuit®

The TheraSuit® and NeuroSuit™ are similar products from different suppliers. It is a specialist orthotic suit comprising of a vest, sleeves, knee pads, special attachments for shoes and a hat if required. All of these components are interlocked by bungee type cords providing support where the child requires it. The TheraSuit is designed to be worn throughout your child’s therapy sessions in the clinic and at home.

The TheraSuit® facilitates the development of new gross and fine motor skills like sitting, standing or walking by keeping the body in alignment at the same time providing compression and feedback to the muscular skeletal system.

The TheraSuit® can be used in conjunction with the FUN Frame (also known as a Spider Cage) it provides anchorage for elastic straps that provide the opportunity for the child to practice dynamic balance, and feel the freedom of movement. It is filled with an array of sensory toys suspended to encourage reach, eye contact, attention and concentration – it is a fun place to be!

Research suggests that the suit, when combined with an intensive course of exercise and repetitive movements can help rebuild damaged reflex pathways within the central nervous system that can greatly improve a child’s gross motor capabilities.

What are TheraTogs?

TheraTogs are quite different to the Therasuit. A TheraTog a is an orthotic garment system designed to provide gentle, prolonged muscle stretch and alignment guidance that replicates the manual positioning and supervised therapy that the therapist provides throughout treatment.

A properly-fitted TheraTogs system guides the body to exert itself in new ways, flexing unused muscles, learning new movement patterns, holding better posture in alignment.

The TheraTogs are sometimes referred to as “body training underwear”. They are worn against the skin and under the clothes – out of sight, out of mind, silently guiding the wearer to a better body. Unlike the Therasuit® the TheraTogs are designed to be worn throughout the day – not just during therapy time.

What is second skin?

The Second Skin compression garments and dynamic splints are measured, designed and manufactured on an individual basis to meet each client’s needs. Their products include:  Body Splints, Arm and Hand Splints, Core Stability Shorts and Foot Splints

What are Dynamic Movement Orthotics?

Each orthosis is individually measured for and designed around the particular needs of the client, with reinforcements and fastenings personalised to their requirements.

The tight fit of an orthosis provides circumferential pressure that helps to normalise muscle tone and provide improved proprioceptive and sensory information to the brain. Strategically positioned panels are individually prescribed according to each client’s needs.  These work to re-align a body’s position and improve stability. The combination of these structures within an orthosis work together to promote effective use of muscles during movement and improve independence during the day.

How much does suit therapy cost?

Suit therapy is offered as part of our INPuT program. As this program is custom made for your child, the cost can vary depending on the number of hours of therapy required and the duration of the program. Our costs are based on our standard hourly rate which starts at $80 per half hour, with a discount factored in because you are booking a block of therapy. You will be given a costing prior to commencing your program and full payment is required two weeks prior to enable us to prepare and secure your therapy sessions

Depending on the type of suit that is prescribed for your child there will be additional costs as each suit is customised for the child’s needs.

To find out more about our INPuT program click here or call us to book a spot for your child.

December 11, 2015