Typing Program

Typing Program

Typeing Programe
We assist children

• Who require assistance to learn to touch type, by increasing their typing speed and accuracy to keep up with their peers in the classroom and complete homework activities in a timely manner

Specialised Equipment includes

• Typing program and occupational therapists to assist and guide your child through each stage as well providing them with activities to increase their fine motor strength, control and proprioceptive feedback
Tracking your child’s progress
Tracking progress helps you and your child remain motivated. Typing speed tests and tests assessing progress and accuracy occur regularly. A standardised typing assessment is also used to determine your child’s typing speed and accuracy in relation to their peers.

Suitable for children

• Children in the early years of Primary School to High School are suitable for involvement in this program

Your child’s program

• Your child’s program encompasses fine motor strengthening activities throughout each session. This promotes finger isolation as well as increasing proprioceptive feedback from the fingers
• Improved awareness of letter and number keys
• Improved use of fingers bilaterally
• Correct placement of fingers on the keyboard
• Increased typing speed and accuracy (with vision occluded)

Occupational Therapy Treatment and Management

• Your child will work in groups with an Occupational Therapist providing structure and fun activities to assist your child reaching their best typing speed and accuracy

November 27, 2014