We assist children with:

• Neurological difficulties
• Developmental difficulties
• Children with Cerebral Palsy

Specialised equipment includes

• The Fun-Frame uses bungee cords to support children while they are performing balance and strengthening activities
• Additional equipment can be used with the Fun-Frame to promote dynamic balance activities

• 3 sided wire mesh device that enables the patient to perform balance and strengthening exercises

• Trampoline for children to improve their dynamic balance as well as learning to jump and use two legs together

Tracking your child’s progress

Tracking progress helps you and your child remain motivated. Standardised assessments including recording sessions are used to track your progress.

Your child’s program

Using The Fun Frame encourages children to use the correct muscles to perform movements and reduces activation of compensatory muscles.
By engaging your child with a variety of equipment and toys in a fun and safe environment, your child’s program can facilitate the following movements:
• Sitting to quadruped
• Quadruped to kneeling
• Quadruped to standing
• Build strength
• Improve balance
• Improve self-confidence within their own body
• Improved quality of movement
• Activation and use of the correct muscles

The Team

Our highly experienced physiotherapists and occupational therapists work in joint and individual sessions to best meet your child’s needs

November 28, 2014