We assist children

Child First paediatric Therapists provide experienced therapists to conduct assessments and prepare objective reports for medico-legal purposes for children who have suffered a:
• Spinal cord injury
• Brain injury
• Amputation

Our assessments include

• Personal and Domestic Care Needs including home modifications and specialised equipment requirements.
• Tabulation of the cost of future and past care requirements
• Mobility and Physiotherapy Needs including specialised equipment, splinting and plastering costs
• Sporting Options for Athletes with a Disability including costing of adaptive sports equipment
• Cost of ongoing therapy needs including Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Pathology

We receive referrals from

• Solicitors
• Compulsory Third Party Insurers
• Workers Compensation Insurers
• Income Protection Insurers
• Directly from the injured person or their family

Tracking your child’s progress

Our therapists use standardised assessments as well as skilled observation of the child’s performance of functional activities in their home environment.
Thorough assessment enables our therapists to determine and appropriately justify what assistance, equipment and therapy services have been necessary from the date of injury and what is required for future care needs.


Child First Paediatric Therapy attempts to maintain short waiting lists in order to provide referral sources with a four-week turnaround from date of referral until completion of the report.


It is our preference to conduct the assessments within the child’s home so the functional performance of our client can be assessed within their normal environment.

The Team

Therapists at Child First Paediatric Therapy are able to travel anywhere within NSW. Physiotherapists are required to be registered in the different States of Australia; Joan Steele-Mills is registered to work in NSW, ACT, Queensland and South Australia.

February 15, 2015
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