Handwriting & Handskills

Handwriting & Handskills

Handwriting & Handskills
We assist children

Does your child experience difficulty adopting an efficient pencil grip? Struggle with their handwriting product (e.g. demonstrating efficient letter formations, keeping up with their peers in the classroom)? Children who experience difficulties with their handwriting and hand skills would benefit from involvement in this program.
Specialised Equipment includes
• Fine motor activities to promote finger strength, control and dexterity (e.g. such as threading and constructing items)
• External prompts to promote correct placement of fingers on the pencil by trialing various pencil grips
• Grass, sky and dirt concept to assist with correct letter placement on the line

Tracking your child’s progress

Tracking progress helps you and your child remain motivated. Standardised and non-standardised assessments as well as observations and conversations with you, your child and your child’s teacher are used to track your child’s handwriting and hand skills.

Your child’s program

Your child’s program will be individually designed to meet their needs. Their program may include (and not limited to) the following activities:
– Improving their pincer grip and fine motor skills by participating in activities such as picking up small objects, playing with putty and threading
– Improving their wrist strength and control
– Visual-motor integration activities
Visual perceptual skills
– Trunk control and shoulder stability activities
– Encouraging efficient bilateral co-ordination
– Table and chair positioning

The Team

Our highly experienced occupational therapists will work with you and your child to develop a fun and engaging program to reach your child’s handwriting and hand skill goals and assist them with improved participation in classroom activities.

February 15, 2015