Feeding & Swallowing Programs

Feeding & Swallowing Programs

Swallowing Help
We assist children

We assist children and babies who have difficulty eating and swallowing and are experiencing one or more of the following difficulties:
• Gagging or chocking
• Fussy eaters
• Messy eaters (more than expected)
• Irritable behaviour at mealtimes
• Difficulty with mouth closure and tongue movements

Specialised Equipment includes

Specialised adaptive equipment to assist in your child or baby feeding and swallowing appropriately

Tracking your child’s progress

Tracking progress helps you and your child remain motivated. Standardised and non-standardised assessments and observations are used to track your child’s ability to feed and swallow efficiently.

Your child’s program

If you are having difficulty transitioning your baby onto solids or if they appear to be overly fussy and irritable at mealtimes, one of our Speech Pathologists will be able to

The Team

Swallowing and eating difficulties can often manifest into a speech problem later in your child’s development. Early intervention with our Speech Pathologists can assist to prevent speech difficulties in your child’s early years.
If your child is having any of the following difficulties contact one of our Speech Pathology professionals.

February 15, 2015